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Slide Foret monumentale rouen normandie land art

The Monumental Forest’s
13 unique works

Come and discover Forêt Verte with its 4 km route and showcasing 13 monumental art pieces in the just minutes from the city centre of Rouen.

This 22 500 hectares forests draws 4 million visitors each year and the Rouen Normandy Metropolis wanted to promote and raise awareness to the forests labelled Forêt d’Exception® (Exceptional Forest) by commissioning art works and presenting them within the forest for all to discover, for free. The exhibition, The Monumental Forest, will take place from September 2019 to September 2021.


The 13 works
of the Monumental Forest

Aiora – Laurent Martin (France)


Laurent Martin’s 20-meters long monumental work is created of pallet wood and steel. It represents the history of the feast of swings, Aiora in Greek. This uprooted tree resting flat on its side – announces its decomposition – the end of its life – and then the beginning of new lives. Like ripe fruit ready to fall, the public finds hanging swings, sometimes by a single rope.


A piece of conversation – Fredrik Raddum (Norway)
A Piece Of Conversation

Native from Norway, the visual artist Fredrik Raddum invites you to listen to nature and more precisely – a rock.  Made out of brass and rock, this 5-metre-long work refers to the notion of a dialogue between nature and man. Listening to nature also means activating a retrospective on personal and global problems.

Pinscreen – Collectif Parenthèse (France)

This work spanning 15-meters is an everchanging dynamic object, evolving through time and encounters. Designed by the Parenthesis Collective, the installation invites everyone it encounters to help it evolve. An Instagram account and a hashtag, #Pinscreen, allows you to follow the progression of this creation.

Nidhögg – Camille Bellot and François Pottier (France)

The artists Camille Bellot and François Pottier want you to travel through the imagination and explore the forest in a different way. They brought this to life by means of the mystical dragon-snake that is rooted in the tales and legends of Normandy. This 28-metres long exposition is made out of recycled tires and wood. It is possible to enter through the snake’s mouth and exit through its belly.


 The baffling visit of a messenger from the future – Roland Cros (France)
La Déroutante Visite D'un Messager Du Futur

You are not dreaming; this is an animal of 8-meters high. With its eight lively tentacles, it’s waiting for you on the path. Because of its mere size, the sculpture imposes on visitors a feeling of meekness by reversing the scale ratio.

Silva Connection – François Arnawout (France)
Silva Connection

Made out of wood and mirrors, the Silva Connection main destiny is to link man and nature.  Consisting of 128 rectangular tubes in polished stainless steel, spiraled like a snail over 25 linear meters, the work creates a unique perspective of light and mystery and allows you the unique experience of hugging a tree.

Undercurrent – Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (France and Great Britain)

When you mix French and British artistic inspirations, the result is often explosive. With “Undercurrent”, these two artists seek an answer, to the question on the need for energy resources in our contemporary society. Made out of steel, this 12-metre-high structure represents an accident involving a red and white electric pylon. The contrast it creates with the wooded environment, draws our attention to these high-voltage lines running through our landscape.

The Table of Giants – LVPH Architects and Paul Humbert (Switzerland)
Table Des Géants

When we refer to a monumental work, we also express, excess. This table of giants illustrates this scale perfectly. With a 14-metre-long table and chairs of 4.5-metres high, the visitor is reminded of a banquet table. In Roman or medieval times, the banquet was a moment of social cohesion. Today, this installation is an invitation to come together.

Wonder wind – Pedro Marzorati (Argentina)
Wonder Wind

Drawing inspiration from climate change, the artist Pedro Marzorati from Argentina, presents his work, Wonder wind. With a height of 5-meters, this installation will draw visitors’ attention to the consequences of climate change by evoking the passage of a storm. A fragile habitat, reconstruction, displacement. The numerous evolutions and adaptations of man in the face of environmental adversity are strongly highlighted.

The Ball – Nathan Crouzet and Marie-Hélène Richard (France)
Le Bal

It is the story of a collaboration between an architect and a visual artist, with the main idea – a warning about the decline of biodiversity. 8-meters in diameter and its wood and mirror structure can be seen from afar and attracts visitors to explore this architectural space. This invitation links humans and birds under this great chandelier and it is a unique installation not to be missed on your journey in the Monumental Forest.


Mobil home – Jérémie Rigaudeau (France)
Mobile Home

With humour and lag at the same time, Jérémie Rigaudeau approaches the subject of nature in a context where there are many environmental upheavals. Perched 4-metres high and made of resin and metal, this monumental cyclops takes the form of a mobile refuge, ready to quickly migrate to more favourable regions.

Face to face – Thomas Voillaume (France)
Face à Face

The visual artist Thomas Voillaume presents a sculpture 4-meters high made of wood and metal of a giant buried in the ground. This head gives the impression of coming from another reality, exiting the ground and lost in the forest. By means of the giant’s reflective glasses, the work interactively makes visitors see their own reflection appear in the gaze of the giant.

The magnified forest – Elementary school Gérard Philippe of Houppeville (France)
La Forêt Magnifiée

The Monumental Forest Route hosts an art work created by 101 students from the Elementary School Gérard Philippe of Houppeville who was accompanied by the architect Dorian Guérin, and the graphic designer and artist Delphine Boeschlin. The students are all from the 2nd to the 5th grade. The chosen site is a bomb hole dropped during the World War II. The topography was decontextualize suggesting that the students reinvented the origin of this relief.


© Alan Aubry – Métropole Rouen Normandie


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More than 400 projects by artists from all over the world have been submitted by international influence for this event. With a personal guide, you can discover in depth the 13 winning installations, each of which offers an artistic point of view that allows you to understand the forest in all its splendor. This visit focusses on the artist’s presentations and a discovery of the biodiversity and heritage of the forest.

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