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Slide Tarte à La Pomme

Normandy’s delicious Traditional
Apple pie

For everyone who have had the chance to pass through Normandy for a vacation or a weekend will surely have had the chance to taste a gorgeous apple pie. Every house, village and town have his own take on this version gastronomical delight, and for good reason. Normandy’s climate makes it the ideal region to grow, apples, pears, plums, cherries and all sorts of berries. With such an abundance of fresh fruit year-round, everyone has a chance to show off their French culinary talents.

The Seine Valley
fruit orchards


Here in the Seine Valley, the fruit orchards stretch out for kilometres as it hugs the white chalky cliffs and meanders of the River Seine. Probably the best times of year is in Spring, when the whole region is in blossom, and il fall, when it’s time to hand pick these fruits.

A wonderful way to discover it is by taking the Fruit Route – ideally by bike, from Duclair to Jumièges, Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit to La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, picturesque and peaceful, a sure way to get back to nature and recharge your batteries. You are also bound to meet the farmers working on their orchards, who are always eager to have a chat, or to give their advice on how to growing the best fruit. Some of these farmers sell their apples freshly plucked directly to you and others allow you to go and pick it yourself and then sells it to you for a cheap price per kilo.

DOMAINE DUCLOS FOUGERAY 1 distillerie cidre calvados

So many products and produce in Normandy are made from Apples; like cider, Calvados – apple brandy, apple sugar and not to mention the use of this fruit in many a dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, let’s look at a sure winner of one of these dishes.

A sure hit with your family and friends will be this 100% Norman apple pie recipe below. Always have at hand this easy recipe to make a snack or a successful dessert. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and with or without freshly whipped cream.

apple pie

Recette Tarte A La Pomme


Preparation: 25 minutes – Cooking: 25 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 roll of ready-to-use puff pastry, flour

500 g of apples

2 eggs

100 g of powdered sugar

50 g of ground almonds

100 g of liquid cream

1/2 liqueur glass of calvados

some flaked almonds.


Preparation steps

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C.

Butter your baking tray well and lightly sprinkle with flower

Spread the dough out over its surface and then prick the dough with a fork

Peel the apples and remove the core, cut them into fairly thick slices

Arrange them on top of the dough, overlapping them slightly

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add the sugar, then the powdered almonds, the crème fraîche and the Calvados.

Pour the mixture over the apples

Sprinkle with slivered almonds

Bake for 25 minutes and serve


Bon appétit