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25, place de la Cathédrale
CS 30666 76008 Rouen
Tel : +33(0)2 32 08 32 40
Foreign exchange office : +33(0)2 35 89 48 60
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7 cours Gambetta
76500 Elbeuf
Tel : + 33(0)2 32 96 30 40
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Rue Guillaume le Conquérant
76480 Jumièges
Tel : + 33 (0)2 35 37 28 97
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Place du Général de Gaulle
76 480 Duclair
Tel : + 33(0)2 35 05 91 50

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Photo article près de Rouen Normandie Vicino


The city of Rouen, as does the Seine Valley have an exceptional heritage, full of charm and treasures, hiding many architectural jewels and marvels of nature that you need to discover without further delay!

The loops of the
Seine and its villages

Mythical River, the Seine flows from Paris to Le Havre passing inevitably through Rouen, where it is an integral part of the city and the six bridges that cross it. Further along from Rouen down the territory of the metropolis, it forms loops and offer superb landscapes!
The regional park of the loops of the Seine is a paradise of discovery, whether it’s by foot, bicycle, car or boat. The Seine will surprise you with its reflections, the changing colours of the sky, the light and it’s abundant nature that enfold you. Don’t miss the picturesque villages bordering the river, like La Bouille, Jumièges, Orival or Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville.

The village
of Elbeuf

Located South of Rouen, Elbeuf enjoys a favorable advantaged point between the Seine and its forests. It also offers a multitude of sights and hobbies: The Circus-Theatre, Museum, cinema, library, sports facilities…
Feel free to visit the Factory of Knowledge, that offers many interesting exhibits. A good idea for a family outing!

The Road of
the Abbeys

The Road of the Abbeys passes through the territory and the city of Rouen, where three abbeys stand proudly: Abbey Saint-Ouen, Abbey Saint-Pierre of Jumièges and Abbey Saint-Georges of Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville. While the first is located in Rouen, near the Town Hall, the other two are located in the Seine Valley and worth a visit.
You will be amazed standing before these majestic witnesses of the past, surrounded by greenery and marked by serenity.

The Route of
the Fruit

Departing from Notre-Dame de Bliquetuit, meet and interact with apple, pear, plum and other red fruit producers along the road of fruit.
In Spring, walk along the Seine and admire a visual spectacle during its bloom. You can buy fruit on your way a fresh delight for the taste buds… A gastronomical discovery of exception!

The forests and
forest center

Around Rouen extends several forests, the green lungs of the city. In just a few minutes, find yourself in the heart of nature. The forests of La Londe-Rouvray and Roumare received the prestigious label “Forests of exception”.
Whether for sports or leisure, you will find many hikes to explore the forests and villages bordering them. On foot, horseback or bike – there are several ways to discover the Seine Valley.
The animal park of Roumare allows a pleasant stroll amongst its fauna and flora: encountering wild boars and deer in their natural environment.
The Forest Centers of Saint-Étienne du Rouvray, Orival and Darnétal, frequently offer fun and discovery activities to explore the secrets of the forest and their animals.


Looking for a place to combine nature and activities? Opt for recreation at Mesnil-sous-Jumièges, Poses and Bedanne’s leasure centers. Relax at one of these green oases or indulge in an activity, such as the tree climbing, boating, or river paddling.
During the long warm days, you can even refresh. Leisure centers are ideal places to enjoy the weather, rest and have fun.