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Discover Joan of Arc
by foot

Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans”, was born in 1412 in a small town called Domrémy, 230 km west of Paris. It was a very turbulent time in France and England and they were waging the 100 Year War.

After having divine visions from God, Joan set of to meet with the future king Charles VII. The young woman convinced the future king of her visions and beliefs and promised him he will be crowned in Reims as rightful regent of France, should he allow to let her set out against the English. Charles agreed and she left with Charles’ army to recapture his future kingdom. Many of her very successful military campaign against the English was legendary and she often humiliated the English’s stronger and more powerful soldiers. The news of her victories quickly spread all over the lands and some mentioned that for generations, there had been prophecies of a young virgin from the “borders of Lorraine” who will free the nation.  

Unfortunately, this was not to last. Joan was captured during one of her war campaigns and her tragic life ended up in Rouen where she was sent to be imprisoned. Shortly thereafter she was to be judged and eventually sentenced to be burned alive at the stake in 1431 for heresy.

An audio-guided visit
of Joan of Arc


An audio-guided visit, retracing the history of the patron Saint of France, is available at the Tourist Office for its visitors.

This audio guide will allow you to follow in her footsteps and it will immerge you into the 15th century city of Rouen that Joan knew and retrace her short time in the city.

You will be visiting numerous squares and monuments and by means of an audio-guide be informed of events leading up to this iconic woman’s tragic life and death. 

The journey will start on the Cathedral Square, visiting the interior of the Notre-Dame at the Joan of Arc Chapel, and a brief presentation of the Historial – dedicated to this heroine.

You will be discovering the Saint-Maclou district, Saint-Ouen Abbey and the Rouen Town Hall, which all played a pivotal role in her last days in Rouen. The emblematic Joan of Arc Tower, a 11th century castle owned by the king Philippe-Auguste will also feature on the visit. It was here where she was threatened with torture.

This 1h30 visit will finally end at the Old Market Square, where she breathed her last breath whilst being burned alive at the stake. This is where the new monument and church was erected in her memory in 1979.


Price: 5 €

Languages: available in French & English

An explanatory map will be provided to you when you pick up the audio guide to inform you of the advised circuit.

To book in advance