Tourist Informations Points

25, place de la Cathédrale
CS 30666 76008 Rouen
Tel : +33(0)2 32 08 32 40
Foreign exchange office : +33(0)2 35 89 48 60
Email :

7 cours Gambetta
76500 Elbeuf
Tel : + 33(0)2 32 96 30 40
Email :

Rue Guillaume le Conquérant
76480 Jumièges
Tel : + 33 (0)2 35 37 28 97
Email :

Place du Général de Gaulle
76 480 Duclair
Tel : + 33(0)2 35 05 91 50

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10 reasons for
coming to Rouen

Rouen and its Seine Valley offers a multitude of recreational and cultural activities.

Why visit

You have never been to Rouen and you want to plan a day, a weekend or holiday in a couple or in a family, here are 10 good reasons to explore Rouen and the Seine Valley.

The diversity of

Rouen has the most classified in France. You will find historic buildings such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the great clock and the Parliament of Normandy – Court House.

The gothic and renaissance architecture had left its imprint on the whole territory

A rich &
exceptionnal heritage

Joan of Arc, Claude Monet, Gustave Flaubert and Pierre Corneille are some of the famous historical figures who laid down the foundations to this city. Stroll along the picturesque streets and admire the half-timbered houses and the famous antique dealer district.

Discover the wealth of Rouen Seine Valley in the bend of its meanders through La Bouille or Jumièges. These authentic villages will charm you.

Home of

Life-size workshop of the most famous impressionistic painters, Rouen is a crossroad of art and art history.

The territory hosts a lot of art museums and historical artifacts with exceptional art collections. Home of Impressionism, Rouen Seine Valley is a source of inspiration for every artist.

A showcase
of events

Rouen is a dynamic destination with its international events like the Davis Cup or the Tour de France. Don’t miss the local events, such as the French Cup, the 24h motonautiques, Viva Cité, Graines de Jardins or the Terrasses du Jeudi.

The bigger events such as the Armada, The Normandy Impressionist festival or the light show of the cathedral, confirms the notoriety of the territory beyond its borders

The prestigious

The combination of the flavors of the sea and land are grouped in the best establishments of the city. They offer you traditional food with original and creative menus, which will delight your taste buds. Be charmed by the authenticity and the originality of these prestigious establishments

Earth of

The destination disposes of a lot of establishments, sport and musical structures such as the Kindarena, Le 106, the Zenith and the Circus-Theater of Elbeuf, which not only welcomes all the Norman talents, but also that of the biggest artists in the world.

Seine & forest

A heritage rich in forests, the territory offers a lot of natural activities, leisure centers, hiking circuits and guided visits, which will persuade you to explore the Seine Valley.

A unique

The territory’s products are of unparalleled quality and mastered by the unique knowlegde of the local craftsman. Rouen Seine Valley thrives in manufacturers who restore, share its traditions and conceive the products of tomorrow. Ceramic, ironworks or textiles are anchored in the local heritage, not to mention the local silver craftsmanship of Christofle, who represents the symbol of elegance and the lifestyle within the territory.


Rouen Seine Valley offers you a wide choice of shops and commercial centers that will satisfy all of your desires. Boutiques line the many pedestrian streets, including the famous great clock street or the commercial centers of Docks76 and Saint-Sever

Now more excuses for not coming to Rouen and spend a pleasant moment!