Your finest memories from your trips to Rouen

Your finest memories from your trips to Rouen

Plan your holiday in Normandy and take advantage of the advice, good ideas and lessons learnt by tourists who’ve visited Rouen.

Share your finest memories from your trips to Rouen

Have you had a wonderful trips to Rouen and the Seine Valley? Do you have stories to tell or do you wish to simply share your experiences?

When did you come to Rouen or the surrounding area? Were you alone, in a couple, with family or with friends? Which monument did you prefer (Gros-Horloge, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Abbey of Jumièges…)? Which museum did you visit (Fine Arts, Joan of Arc History Museum, Panorama XXL…)? Which moment did you enjoy most or is most memorable? What overall impression do you have of Rouen, the city of a hundred Spires?

So many questions to which you can respond… Or not: just let your mind run free and share your memories! Write about your favourite places, tell the story of your trip, send us your photos, give us your impressions, express your opinion on the city of Rouen in Normandy: we are listening, we are reading. To your keyboards!

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