Wines and Spirits

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Emphasise your meals with the wines and spirits of Rouen and the Seine Valley!

Alcohol, wines, cider and spirits in Rouen

Discover the cellars, distilleries, traditional factories, estates and cideries that offer you carefully selected products with a large choice of quality: red wine, white wine, rosé, Bénédictine, beer, Calvados, cider, Pommeau, port, Armagnac, Champagne, liqueurs, cognac, kir…

Spend an evening with friends and taste wines from the region or elsewhere. Create your own cocktail like they do in bars, with or without a shaker: mojito, martini, margarita, pina colada, sangria, cosmopolitan, vodka orange, tequila sunrise, bloody Mary, ti punch, gin and tonic, sex on the beach…

Receive expert advice from oenology professionals, sommeliers and wine merchants to pair your drinks with your dishes, which will ensure the success of your dinners, your drinks parties, your lunches, your events or any other tastings with friends or family.

Alcohol abuse is of course dangerous for your health, only drink in moderation!