The Seine

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The quays, the banks of the Seine, the towpaths, the islands, the big seaport, the Flaubert Bridge, the ferries and the Armada are the tangible proof of the importance of this river for the inhabitants of Rouen and the Seine Valley.

This river is an integral part of the landscape of the city of Rouen. Dividing the capital of Normandy into two distinct sides, it is also the link between the many communes in our area. From Le Trait to Sotteville sous le Val, this unveils a multitude of appearances which will be able to delight those who love leisure activities and nature: towpaths, chalky cliffs, hiking trails…

La Bouille, Sahurs, Saint-Martin de Boscherville, Jumièges, Freneuse and Elbeuf can offer you magnificent landscapes, some of which have been immortalised by the Masters of Impressionism. Fashion house Hermès have also paid homage to Rouen, its river and its port by creating a “Rouen sur Mer” scarf in 2003.

The industrial activities and marine activities present in Rouen and the Seine Valley illustrate the importance of this river for all the communes of the Rouen area.