Rouen Impressionist museum and art collections

Rouen Impressionist museum and art collections

The Seine Valley and Rouen’s monuments have inspired many painters. Discover their works at the Musée aux Beaux-Arts Impressionist Rouen museum.

A life-size workshop for the most famous Impressionist painters, Rouen and the Seine Valley have attracted and continue to attract many artists with their colours, culture, lights and way of life. A real “land of light”, the green landscapes, towpaths, the Seine, the picturesque villages of La Bouille and Sahurs, and of course the city of Rouen have been marked by the imprint of these artists with their new genre.

In Normandy, Rouen Impressionist

Turner, Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro, Sisley… A list of the masters of Impressionism that the Rouen area has fascinated, sometimes to the point of obsession. It prevails on these canvases like a carefreeness, lightness and joie de vivre that receives plenty of public support. Their works are among the most well-known and admired all over the world and certainly remain the most famous, analysed and remarked upon on the planet.

Today, the Museum of Fine Arts and its Depeaux gallery still hold the second largest Impressionist collection in France for the pleasure of tourists and the pride of the people of Rouen. Several works by Claude Monet, numerous creations from the École de Rouen and the Normandy Impressionist Festival marvellously illustrate the reciprocal love between the capital of Normandy and Impressionism.