The Club des Toques de Rouen and Seine Valley

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Created on the initiative of the Tourist Office, the Club des Toques de Rouen and Seine Valley invites the best restaurateurs with at least seven years of experience to preserve the gastronomic heritage and become ambassadors for our destination beyond the borders of Rouen, the Seine Valley and Normandy.

Toques de Rouen, Seine Valley: the best restaurants

Combining the flavours of the sea with those of the land, these chefs are the reason the best establishments in Rouen and the Seine Valley are famous. From traditional cuisine to the composition of more inventive menus, the dishes offered by these chefs will astonish the palates of the finest gourmets.

In addition to offering regional cuisine based on local products that he has developed, the restaurateur is also committed to conveying his savoir-faire and developing a policy of high-quality welcome and service. The unmissable pressed duck as well as sophisticated and creative dishes will tickle your taste buds.

Including several Michelin-starred restaurants and restaurants recognised in the best gourmet guides, the Club des Toques de Rouen and Seine Valley is a clear response to the question: where can you eat in Rouen?