Rouen port: technical information

Rouen port: technical information

Rouen port – HAROPA has built a cruise terminal to accommodate oceangoing cruise liners from around the world. For river cruises, the Seine quays have specific pontoons to accommodate them in the best conditions.

Rouen port and the cruise terminal

The Cruise Terminal is located a 30-minute walk from the historic centre of Rouen. Bus stations are within a 10-minute walk, taxi companies are available to serve you, and shuttles between the Cruise Terminal and the city centre can also be arranged by consulting our services.

To answer your questions or to prepare your arrival, here you will find documents with information on port activity and cruises in Rouen (maps, technical aspects).

A number of technical constraints govern the arrival and berthing of vessels in Rouen, and you will find the following details below: geographical coordinates, berthing spaces, supply services, waste disposal, draught, and more.

Cruise Terminal Geographical coordinates

Latitude 49°26’38″N
Longitude 01°06’12″E
Cruise ship season: all year round


Number of quays available for cruise ships: 4
Maximum length: 270 m
Maximum beam: NA
Maximum draught: 8.40 m (freshwater)
Maximum air draught: 52 m

Services +

Bunkering: yes
Waste collection: yes
Water: yes
Supply: yes
Bank terminal: on board, on request

Rouen port – HAROPA

Port operations services
34 Boulevard de Boisguilbert
76022 Rouen Cedex 3