Streets & Squares

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In addition to numerous monuments and museums, Rouen is very much enjoyed for its charming little streets in the centre of town. Stroll between the timber-framed houses, the pedestrianised streets and the historical squares in the capital of Normandy.

Streets and squares in Rouen city centre

It is impossible to walk through Rue du Gros-Horloge, Rue Damiette, Rue Ganterie, Rue de l’Epicerie or Rue Cauchoise without looking up to see the magnificent medieval timber-framed facades, the typical shops, and the private mansions of the Renaissance era.

Place du Vieux- Marché, Place Saint-Marc, place Saint-Barthélemy, Place Saint-Amand… Enjoy the various little squares that come to life with cafe terraces, fountains or other green spaces. Magnificent and romantic, these are places that are full of history, just waiting for tourists.

From the centre of Rouen to the banks of the Seine, the dynamism and the way of life in the city of Rouen will grab you. A unique atmosphere that you will encounter travelling through each of these streets and squares in the city.