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Rouen and the Seine Valley have lovely places for enjoying outdoor activity, particularly running.

Running and jogging in Rouen

At your own pace, go for a jog on the quays of the Seine, a few steps from the historic centre or along the meanders of the Seine. There are also fitness trails, walking trails ideal for running and even jogging trails to guide your sports activity.

Leaving from Le Trait, the 4 Sapins, the Château d'Eau or La Haye de Yainville, the Grand Tour of Le Trait offers three equipped jogging trails of 2, 3.5 and 5.5km in the heart of the Le Trait-Maulévrier Forest. The fitness trail from Claquemeure to Duclair offers slalom, somersaulting and parallel bars to perfect your fitness. The Ben Harrati fitness trail in Canteleu, 2km long, also provides 21 pieces of gym apparatus for the athletes of Normandy.

Alone or accompanied, put on your training shoes and go for a run along the banks of the Seine in a revitalising environment. Invigorating effect guaranteed!