Routes and Trails

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Between the sea, forest, river and city, the Normandy landscape has the advantage of being very diversified. Likewise, there are many routes and trails available to discover the multiple facets of Normandy.

Routes and trails for visiting Rouen

Among the most well-known, you will find the Fruits Trail in the heart of the Boucles de la Seine natural park, the Thatched Cottage Trail, the Abbeys Trail and the Panorama Trail.

From Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit to Duclair, the Fruits Trail will lead you through apples, plums, cherries and other fruits of the region. Thanks to a microclimate that is perfect for growing fruit, the banks of the Seine take on exquisite colours and flavours.

Follow the Thatched Cottage Trail past the traditional houses, genuine symbols of Normandy. The Abbeys Trail also deserves to be seen because, as its name indicates, it will guide you past some splendid abbeys and their history! As for the Panorama Trail, it will show you the different treasures of the Seine thanks to the organisation of panoramic areas in Bardouville or Jumièges for example.

You will be amazed by the multitude of routes and trails that Rouen and the Seine Valley have to offer. An original way of discovering the authenticity of Seine-Maritime.