Religious buildings

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Nicknamed “the city of a hundred Spires” by Victor Hugo, it is impossible to visit Rouen and the Seine Valley without noticing the numerous chapels, churches and abbeys that intersperse the banks of the Seine from Elbeuf to Jumièges.

Religious buildings in Rouen

Key monuments such as the Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Church of Saint-Ouen, the abbeys of Jumièges and Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville, Joan of Arc church or the church of Saint-Maclou are the patrimonial jewels of Rouen and the Seine Valley.

In a Romanesque or Gothic style, whether Rayonnant or Flamboyant, these monuments, some of which are of an impressive size, will delight architecture enthusiasts.

Panoramas and landscapes will also be on the menu during your visits, particularly with the Notre Dame Basilica of Bonsecours, which offers an exceptional view of the Seine and the city of Rouen from Sainte-Catherine’s Hill.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual pathway, you’re an architecture enthusiast or a curious tourist, you will find a wide selection of religious buildings, genuine and unmissable tourist sites.