Press kit on Rouen

Press kit on Rouen

If you are a journalist, editor or reporter and looking for official and certified information on Rouen and Normandy, here you will find the general press kit and thematic press kits to meet your needs.

The general press kit presents the attractions of the destination, such as the Abbeys trail, shopping, museums, monuments or cruises on the Seine. It is updated each year to include the latest additions.

To go further and meet your needs, the Rouen Tourism and Convention Office also offers thematic press kits to present more fully the unique heritage of the Seine Valley: Impressionism with a focus on the School of Rouen; the Impressionist sites across the Rouen metropolitan region; the kitchen notebooks of Claude Monet; gastronomy with a focus on the apple, such as Elbeuf apple dumplings, Rouen duck, or the Mirliton or mock apple; literature with additional information about André Maurois, Hector Malot, Gustave Flaubert and Pierre Corneille; and nature and recreation.

Press Kit on Rouen