streetart street-art à rouen normandie tourisme visite
Street-art in Rouen
Street-art, also known as urban art, brings together all artistic practices conducted in the street or in public places. (more…)
banks of the Seine quais de Seine à Rouen coucher de soleil normandie tourisme balade
The banks of the Seine
Go for a walk on the banks of the Seine and delight in its discoveries. Dividing Rouen in two, the Seine lends its charm to the Norman capital and the river has always been a source of inspiration for the great master impressionists. (more…)
pluie à rouen rain sous la pluie rues gros horloge parapluie
What to do in the rain?
As elsewhere, one cannot count for good weather all the time in Normandy. Visiting Rouen you can enjoy a stay over, despite a few drops of rain. Here are some ideas of discoveries in the Norman capital under the clouds. (more…)
Kochrezepte der Normandie Normandy recipes anatra duckling traditional recipes recettes de cuisine normande Canard à la rouennaiseau sang rouen normandie gastronomie Normandie
The Rouen duckling
Specialty of the Seine Valley, the Rouen duckling is the must-taste during your stay. Inspired by the famous recipe of father Denise, a former innkeeper at Duclair - your duckling will be prepared before you by a master chef. (more…)
Photo article près de Rouen Normandie Vicino
Near Rouen
The city of Rouen, as does the Seine Valley have an exceptional heritage, full of charm and treasures, hiding many architectural jewels and marvels of nature that you need to discover without further delay! (more…)
Rouen en amoureux couple terrasse Normandie place du Vieux Marché
Rouen lovers
For lovers Rouen is the ideal place for a romantic breakaway and that is why artists are inspired by the charm of the capital city of Normandy, to create their fine works of art. (more…)
panorama xxl rouen 1431 jeanne d'arc
Panorama XXL – Rouen 1431
At the end of May 2016, the Panorama XXL Rouen will present the panorama: Rouen, 1431, a new spectacular creation by artist Yadegar Asisi.(more…)
Speed-boat racing
Enjoy the long weekend of May 1st in Rouen to discover a spectacular sporting event in the heart of the capital of Normandy: the 24-hour speed-boat race of Rouen, takes place on the Seine River in the heart of the city (more…)
shopping centre commercial rouen normandie
3000 Stores for a spot of shopping
Rouen and the Seine valley is an ideal shopping destination, with over 3000 stores. (more…)
gastronomy gourmets plats rouen normandie
Gastronomy : Rouen for the gourmets
Rouen and the Seine valley are synonymous with conviviality and relaxation for gastronomy lovers. (more…)
pêcher près de Rouen carte rouen vallée de seine loisirs normandie
Points of sale fishing licenses
In the Rouen and Seine valley region, it is possible to fish for trout in the rivers that are classified as category 1(more…)
venir à rouen rue bar nuit normandie
10 reasons for coming to Rouen
Rouen and its Seine Valley offers a multitude of recreational and cultural activities.(more…)