Natural sites & spaces

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Rouen and the Seine Valley offer diversified natural heritage, perfect for relaxing as a couple, leisure activities with the family or in a group. Several communes to the West are also part of the Boucles de la Seine Normande natural park.

Normandy regional natural park

On either side of the Seine, unique panoramas enable you to see the rural and urban landscapes from a new angle: Sainte-Catherine’s Hill, the viewpoint from Canteleu, the panorama from Duclair, the promontory at Bois du Roule, the rocks of Saint-Adrien, the cliffs of Orival, the view from Bardouville over the curves of the Seine… Finally, of the 500 acres of marshland in Le Trait, more than half have been listed at a European level in the Natura 2000 network.

These natural sites and spaces will be able to delight walkers, bikers and horse riders who can use the many parts accessible in the Normandy woodland.