Medieval heritage and history of Rouen

Medieval heritage and history of Rouen

The history of Rouen, capital of Normandy is still tangible in the corner of every street. It is difficult not to feel this past so full of the events that marked the history of France. Nicknamed the “city of a hundred Spires” by Victor Hugo, the city of Rouen is endowed with many religious buildings illustrating the strong spirituality of the town.

Rouen has a rich historical past and traces of its Medieval history of Rouen can still be seen in some of the city’s houses and abbeys.

Medieval heritage and history of Rouen dating back to the Middle Ages

Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans, is one of the town’s symbols of medieval and spiritual heritage. The History Museum, the dungeon or Joan of Arc Tower, the stake in Place du Vieux-Marché (the old market square) or the Joan of Arc church are the essential sites for tourists in Normandy.

The Abbeys Trail, starting at the Church of Saint-Ouen in Rouen all the way to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre in Jumièges via the Abbey of Saint-Georges in Saint-Martin de Boscherville, will give you an additional excuse to visit the magnificent Seine Valley and its incredible landscapes.

The architecture of the centre of Rouen with its pedestrianised streets interspersed with timber frame houses (the town has close to 2000 houses with this architectural characteristic) makes Rouen the ideal destination, whether for couples looking for a romantic weekend, family holidays to experience daily life in the Middle Ages or educational school trips.