Famous authors

Famous authors

Normandy is the land of literature where many authors have lived and greatly influenced the French or global literary world.

Authors : Corneille, Flaubert …

Men such as Pierre Corneille, Hector Malot and Gustave Flaubert have marked the literary history of Rouen and its surrounding communes. From Canteleu to Petit-Couronne, via Rouen, discover or rediscover their former homes and museums that are dedicated to their works and lives. Survey the rooms and the numerous collections of objects that belonged to them.

Pierre Corneille, a native of Rouen, the playwright initially officiated as a lawyer at the Normandy Parliament before benefitting from support from Richelieu for his plays. A successful author, his play Le Cid marked the peak of his career.

Gustave Flaubert made an impression on literature lovers. Originally from Rouen, he is known all over the world thanks to his novel “Madame Bovary” which illustrates the complex relationship that he had with his hometown.

Successful author of the novel “Nobody’s Boy”, Hector Malot was originally from Lambeau. This little village on the banks of the Seine, made famous by the Impressionist painters, was the novelist’s pride and joy in these works.

Soak up these unique places marked by the memory of these famous men.