Estate Agents

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If you enjoy the way of life in Rouen and the Seine Valley and you would like to live here, you can find sales and lettings adverts for properties offered by the estate agents.

Estate agencies for house-hunting in Normandy

If you need a student flat, a larger apartment, a house with a garden or a commercial property, to let or buy, meet one of the housing professionals in our area. You will be warmly welcomed by someone who is happy to listen and respond to your needs: number of rooms, surface area, parking, garden, courtyard, attic, cellar, single-or multi-storey, parking space, conservatory, with or without restoration works… Indulge your desires: brick houses, industrial lofts, in wood, timber framed, contemporary apartment, modern or traditional, commercial property in the centre of town or in a little village… The property business in Rouen contains some treasures and products that are not to be missed, let’s hope that your favourite is there!

Thanks to the recent adverts that are constantly updated, you’re sure not to miss out on the accommodation of your dreams in Normandy!