With its rich industrial heritage, including the Fabrique des Savoirs, the village of Elbeuf, located on the banks of the Seine, is certainly worth a visit.

Welcome to Elbeuf

Known for its drapery industry, and on the list of “Towns of Art and History”, Elbeuf possesses quirky heritage based around spinning and its weaving workshops. Among the most well-known are the manufacturers Delarue, Clarenson and Charles Houiller. In the Fabrique des Savoirs, the second floor of the museum brings together numerous textile collections, from the origins of mechanisation through to machines. The knowledge breeder (La Fabrique des savoirs) also holds Elbeuf’s Heritage archive centre and the centre of interpretation of architecture and heritage. All these enable immersion into the heart of Elbeuf territory.

During your weekend trip to Elbeuf and Normandy, don’t hesitate to visit the churches of Saint-Jean and Saint-Etienne, listed as historical monuments.

For your entertainment, the Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf is one of the last eight permanent circuses in France, the only one with a circular arena and an Italian style theatre. It offers a quality varied programme combining music, theatre, dance and humour… Ideal for a family excursion with your children or an evening with friends or your partner.

Elbeuf also has green areas that are perfect for a stroll. Relax in the heart of nature in the René Youinou garden or go to the Orival cliffs for a guaranteed change of scenery.