Duclair in France

Duclair in France

Duclair in France is easily accessible by ferry, bus or car and is a charming village and tourist destination, combining gastronomic specialities and old monuments.

Duclair in France can be enjoyed for its privileged location, along the curves of the Seine, a few kilometres from Rouen. It is also located on the Abbeys Trail between Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville and Jumièges, and on the Fruits Trail.

Welcome to Duclair in France

Just as Normandy is renowned for its gastronomy, Duclair in France is known for its famous duck that the great chefs and gourmets like to cook: duck à l’orange, pressed duck, duck with cherries etc.

Overlooking the Seine Valley, the Cour du Mont must be seen, just like the splendid château of Taillis and its August 1944 museum (Musée Août 44) in the hamlet of Saint-Paul. Also visit the church of Saint-Denis and its three naves.

During a trip as a family, as a couple or with friends, stroll along the banks of the Seine and make the most of it to revitalise yourself and admire the landscape. The Mustad ironmongery has given way to a pretty landscaped garden that you can walk around.