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Rouen maintains its authentic character thanks in part to the places that are full of history and traditions such as the antiques dealers and second-hand shops, the craft boutiques, the workshops, galleries and other places where arts and crafts can be seen.

Arts and crafts in Rouen

The neighbourhood of antique dealers and rue Damiette must be seen by any bargain hunters, bric-a-brac traders, collectors and people who love ancient and also modern objects. Buy, sell or restore your paintings, ornaments, old jewellery, dressers, furniture or any other object of value or otherwise.

Go for a walk along the timber-framed facades and admire the window displays, workshops and art galleries where works and creations by painters, sculptors and contemporary artists are displayed. You will also be amazed by the adorable craft boutiques which offer you many local products such as Rouen earthenware and handmade objects, made in Normandy. Let yourself be tempted by hand-made biscuits, sweets, local products and decorative objects, to treat yourself or gift to your friends, family or children.

Wonderful gift ideas await you in the boutiques of Rouen and the Seine Valley!