Chocolate shops

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Rouen and the Seine Valley, a savoury gourmet destination but also a sweet one!

Chocolate and confectionery artisans, producers and shopkeepers will welcome you for your taste buds’ greatest pleasure in the capital of Normandy.

Chocolatiers in Rouen, specialities and addresses

When you see the magnificent window displays of the chocolate shops in the city of Rouen, you’ll go into ecstasies! White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or orange chocolate delight adults and children alike. Let yourself be tempted by boxes of chocolates, blocks of chocolate or the magnificent artistic creations of the renowned master chocolatiers. It is difficult not to give in to local specialities such as Larmes de Jeanne d’Arc, Gros Horloge chocolate clocks or Paillardises.

You don’t need Easter, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion to treat yourself or treat your loved ones. Giving a gift of chocolate means the guarantee of a quality gift which will charm your children, your family or your friends.

Take the time to enjoy yourself by discovering the world of our chocolatiers in Rouen and the Seine Valley.