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Plan your stay in Rouen and discover all the rouen events taking place in the city. A wide range of visits, cruises and festivals in Normandy.

Armada, Impressionist Normandy, 24-hour Speedboat, Cathedral of Light… The entertainment program in Rouen and the Seine Valley is rich and varied. Find out about the great cultural, historical, sporting and musical events that are not to be missed!

Rouen events

Keep up to date with the unmissable exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts or the events held at the Exhibition Centre, such as the autumn and winter Rouen antique markets, or Créativa.

Watch out for the upcoming major events of the year: the French Cup, Rouen-sur-mer, Viva Cité… For music lovers, book your Thursdays in July and enjoy a stroll to the sound of the famous Thursday Terraces. And note the dates of the next Musicales de Normandie festival.